In fact, I walked through the valley of the shadow of death but my soul was restored through the power of God by Daddy Hezekiah. Praise the Lord!

For a long time, I had pains and discomfort in my stomach. I saw a doctor who said I had fibroids in my womb and that I needed surgery. I informed my beloved Daddy Hezekiah. After checking the hospital's operation days, Daddy personally chose a date for me, which was on 1st Saturday in June 2003 (01-06-2003) against my own choice. I did not know the purpose of that choice, but Daddy being who he is, knew there was going to be a fierce battle.

On that day, around, I was taken into the theater and anesthetic injection was administered on me. In my unconscious state, I saw about four demons looking like wild monkies. They brought a very big coffin into the theatre and one of them asked the others this question:

“Have you finished the meeting; and what was your conclusion?” The others answered, “DEATH”. They rejoiced, wagged their tails and scratched their heads.

Immediately, the doctor, a renowned consultant obstetrics and gynecologist who has been in practice for many years became confused and started making mistakes that could that have cost my life. At this juncture, I saw my beloved, caring, able and powerful warrior, Daddy Hezekiah, flying into the theatre in pure dazzling white wings with fierce look on his face. On getting to the theatre door, his spread wings could not allow him free entrance. He drew back a little and narrowed his wings and slipped into the theatre. His entrance shook the room and he just looked around and immediately the demons flew out of the room and Daddy focused his attention on the Doctor who was then confused, not knowing which instrument to use. It was Daddy that directed him all through the surgery until success was recorded before Daddy left.

Truly, if not for Daddy's urgent rescue mission on my life, my chapter would have been closed.
I cannot thank God enough for the emergence of Daddy Hezekiah into the world in this our generation. Who am I that God is so mindful of me as to release Daddy Hezekiah in his whole “spiritual power” to save a sinful soul like me. To God be the glory in Jesus name, Amen.

I, therefore, advise all children of God to commit everything into the hand of God before undergoing any surgical operation and do not think that the doctors know it all, or are perfect and experienced.

It is important to mention that my experience as a Nurse in practice for over thirty years (30 years) could not save me, neither could the CHIEF CONSULTANT. It was only God's grace through Daddy Hezekiah that saved me. Praise God.
Mrs. Eunice Aneke
Registered Nurse Midwife (RNM).

Registered Nurse Midwife (RNM).