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First Sunday 2020

First Sunday 2020

May I humbly and sincerely bring to you the season’s greetings in the name of God Almighty the Father, His Son our Lord, Redeemer and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Messenger, the Holy Spirit. Please my dear friend, join me to rejoice and greatly thank/praise God because through His love, power and grace we are alive to see this Christmas season, even though this year is filled with many uncertainties, hardship, oppression, hunger, suffering, sicknesses, injustice, persecution, shedding of innocent blood, kidnappings, PERVERSION of justice, temptation, armed robberies and evil events. In our country, there are many dangerous things including bad roads that claimed people’s lives. To be sincere our only happiness this year is that we are still alive because the Most High God, Our Creator loves us and is still on the Throne and will remain on it to rule forever and ever. To say the truth, many of us feel consoled, happy and have hope for a better future whenever we remember that God Almighty is excellently faithful, exists, protects and cares for us.