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A Time To Prove Fatherhood...

A Poem By Engr. Amarachukwu Obiajunwa

Happy Father's Day my beloved father, His Grace, The Most Rev Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, MFR. The Founder and Leader of Living Christ Mission Inc.
Once upon a time,
There was a pandemic... Covid-19
a.k.a Coronavirus disease
Steming from China to the whole world
Death took the geometric curve
Key cities and nations went into lockdown
All borders were closed
By the enforcement of the government.

Inside the lockdown
Was a more deadly disease
Hunger disease which ravaged families
As some governments like Nigeria
Did not provide for its citizens
Alas, indeed, was it for those with large families.

Placing a curse on China was not a solution
Neither was suing them a way out.
Groaning and wailing
Consequent of the hunger unharmoniously entertained the fainting heart of people.
Hunger bitterly stretched through families
As though on a special assignment to annihilate.

Ironical was the attitude of the rich.
The very poor were beside them
Languishing in hunger.
In pursuit of government recognition, however,
The rich donated billions of Naira to the same corrupt government.
Blighted government who can never see the poor.
The sledge hammer of hunger went higher and higher
Making even gravity to loose its agelong force.
Hunger kept people only few millimeters away from death.

Then arose the the Unique Father of fathers.
The Lion of the Tribe of Igbo, Daddy Hezekiah, MFR.
A Man of God who seeks only but the purest recognition...... the recognition of God who dwells in Heaven.

*Daddy Hezekiah brought out tens of millions* to quench the ravaging hunger disease.
An announcement was made through a local radio station, not less than 10,000 persons gathered.
They gathered at Daddy Hezekiah Avenue in Onitsha.

*They all received money in cash and food items*
This provoked jubilation.
The news spread wider and wider.

People from accross religions, tribes, other Christian denominations freely gathered;
Some even came wearing hijab
But without discrimination
They all freely received from Daddy Hezekiah empathy and sympathy.

Daddy Hezekiah cheerfully gave charity to all....

Without reservation
He conquered hunger
He quenched thirst
He destroyed groaning
He provoked thanksgiving
He overcame weeping.
For indeed, he was moved to pity on the languishing souls

By this,
Many naturally called him Daddy with their whole heart
By this uncommon gesture
He proved to be the father of all....
Practicing the words of our Lord Jesus Christ
*It is more blessed to give than to receive.*

Happy Father's Day my beloved Daddy Hezekiah

Happy Father's Day, the best father in the whole wide world.