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Advice from His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof Daddy Hezekiah, MFR, JP


Matthew 22: 1 -14 The King sent his servants to call the invited guests three times (Ref: verses 3, 4 and 8). He provided everything for the marriage feast but needed helpers who would assist him in running errands and from the parable, his servants were totally committed to obeying their master. They were ever ready to fulfill his demands.

Even when Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was on earth, He had not only the chosen 12 but other disciples, about 70 evangelists who worked for Him in Luke 10:1-20. They were committed to their duties and delivered desired results. But this is not common in our time. Most Christians leave the work of God for few persons. You may have money but showing sincere commitment to the things of the Kingdom should be your priority.


Because God calls you 'Child' or 'Friend' does not mean you are a child of God. To buttress this, in Matthew 26 : 50, Christ called Judas Iscariot 'Friend' when the latter was clearly a betrayer. Also, Joshua called Achan, who was from the tribe of Judah, 'My son' in Joshua 7:19, although it was obvious that Achan coveted some of the devoted things which led to the anger of God burning against the people of Israel. Therefore, being called 'My son', 'Friend' or any other endearing name doesn't necessarily mean you are in a flourishing relationship with God. Evaluate yourself at all times.


In Matthew 22, the King gave out invitation cards to ‘special guests’ for his son’s marriage feast and preparations were made based on the assumption that they would attend. Sadly, when it was time for the feast, the guests were sent reminders but they chose not to honour the invitation (Matthew 22: 3).

    The following are some reasons the invited guests refused coming:
  • They were not interested.
  • They thought the King could not do without them.
  • They hated the King but pretended to love him only to seek to disgrace him.

It is obvious that the invited guests were not worthy. If you are not worthy to serve God, it will lead you to other terrible things. Unfortunately, some people’s action make it seem the blood of Jesus is a waste but it is to their hurt and detriment. The world does not want anything pertaining to Christ, from initiating gay marriages to Former President Obama removing The Holy Bible from every court in America, their shame will be obvious soon. It is worthy of note that God in His infinite mercies had stopped the shedding of the blood of lamb, goat etc to cleanse sins. He sent His son, Jesus Christ to die and shed his blood for you. It is left for you to accept Him. Christ's death can never be in vain but will favour those who trust in Him.

Also, the King did all he could to change their minds by sending different sets of servants, informing them of the level of preparations achieved already; yet the guests made light of it, some went off, one to his farm, another to his business while the rest seized his servants, treated them shamefully, and killed them. This depicts that if you are not of God you cannot answer His call even if you are presented with all glories that come with being one of God’s children.

Those murderers were King’s friends but they were so cruel to the extent they destroyed the lives of innocent servants who were discharging their duties. When did it become an offense to invite one to a feast? Without doubts, some are harsh towards God in diverse ways. It is disheartening to see people who know that God is the Almighty but willingly fight against Him. Though the murderers succeeded in hatching their evil intents, they reaped what they sowed in the long run for the King destroyed and burned their city after they killed his servants. Since those earlier invited refused attending, did it prevent many others from attending the feast? No! The guests present during the feast were more in number than those who refused the invitation. Though many want Christ's death to be a waste but there are people who will benefit from his death. Note that his death will save more souls. Desist from mocking God. This is an individual race, do not be deceived.


Matthew 22: 11-14
Due to the disrespect shown to the King by those initially invited to the feast, the servants were instructed to go into the streets and gather people of all kinds to celebrate with the King. Even though it was an open invitation, each guest was expected to dress in a certain way but there was a defaulter who neglected what was required and was disgraced. It is clear that being among the crowd does not mean you can deceive God. Strive to be ready at all times so you will be found worthy.


Psalms 58 1-5
The heart defiles the body. Some sin against God through the heart. Be sure you surrender your heart to God because if the devil dwells in it, he can manipulate you resulting to a crooked heart, sometimes leading one to speak blasphemy against God. You need to know that God knows whatever you think. The people of Macedonia were successful because they first surrendered their hearts to God.

Never you allow those cursed from birth to deceive you. Examples are the chief priests in Matthew 21 who saw all the wonderful things Christ did in the temple yet fought against him. Some make mistakes in marriage because they fail to know the partner by their fruits. Someone may deceive you with the words of his or her mouth but you will surely know them by the content of their character. If you are fervent in prayers, there is no way you will make mistake in marriage. It is noteworthy that not everyone is destined to marry because Apostle Paul did not marry but Peter did. Verse 3 clearly shows that the wicked go astray from the womb, they err from their birth, speaking lies. These set of persons are bent on faulting the commandments of God and they are not children of God. They are controlled by the fashion of the world. Ensure you know the friends you keep and the people you fellowship with. Do not let the world deceive you. Do not follow evil people's footsteps because Peter did not follow Judas Iscariot's footstep.

Matthew 5: 7-8
You are blessed if you have a pure heart, always pray for your heart. Bear in mind that only the pure in heart will see God. Many have dirty and impure hearts and also use their hearts to speak blasphemy against God.

Matthew 5:27-28
Looking at a lady admiringly is not a sin but it becomes sin when you look at a her lustfully. Note what Jeremiah 17 verse 9 states, 'The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?' It is the engine house of the body. Guard it jealously.

Matthew 15: 15 - 20
You complain that God does not answer your prayers whenever you pray but your heart is not pure. Destructive criticisms, infighting, lies and other sinful acts are all devised in the heart. Once the heart is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt too.


Matthew 20 : 1 - 16
This passage narrates the story of a householder who hired labourers for his vineyard and upon agreement, chose a denarius as the wage. He went out at intervals and hired another set of labourers at different times - 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm. When it was time to settle the labourers, he started from the last set to the first by paying each labourer the same amount, a denarius. But the first set of labourers whom he hired after observing that they received the same wage as those who worked for just an hour murmured against the master. He reminded them that the payment was done based on agreement. Had it been the labourers who came earlier minded their business as stated in I Thessalonians 4:11, they would not have murmured against the master. You always want to know more about other people's business while neglecting yours. Do not stalk anyone only to find fault like the Pharisees did. Note what Proverbs 3:30 says 'do not contend with a man for no reason, when he has done you no harm'. Whenever your heart wants you to hate someone without reason, remember James 4 says 'resist the devil and he will flee'. Finally, the labourers who came in late were rewarded first before the early comers. Even the thief on the cross with Christ in Luke 23:39-43 was saved at the last minute but the chief priests who were in charge of the synagogue for so long had no salvation. Because you started church earlier than another does not make you better. Anointing makes the difference.